Get. A. Coach. 

After over 4 years of coaching and teaching in the fitness industry if there is one piece of advice I have- it is to get a coach. Sure, your fitness is your choice, how hard you push is your choice, if you actually do your workout is your choice- but if you want to be better, find someone who makes you better. 

Finding the right coach is a lot like dating. There is no one size fits all. You need to find someone who takes the time to get to know your body, someone who tells you good job when you’ve pushed your limits, and someone to call you on your shit when you’re not. 

It’s really easy to get on a treadmill and work for 30 minutes. If you want to be better I can promise you it takes more than that. Personally, I have found I am capable of programming workouts and nutrition for other people, but without my coaches I would not be making strides towards my goals. I learn from them, I’m accountable to them, I’m a better coach because of them.

Play the field- find the right fit for you and your goals. Remember fitness is in the gym and in the kitchen. If you’re competing in NPC find a posing coach (trust me, YouTube is not enough). You have 168 hours in a week- surround yourself with people pushing you to maximize them.

Coach Mike Vidas @mikevidas, Mathúin Athletics – fitness 

Coach Amanda Renee @mandarenee531, sue’s crew – posing

Coach Alex Maclin @alexqmaclin – nutrition 


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