Being a Rookie in the NPC- What I Learned

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It is so hard to believe the journey of prep for my first show has come to an end.  To be completely honest I actually had a hard time right after- post show blues if you will. I learned so much that I’ve actually decided to do a second show to put those lessons to good use.  What you’ll find below is a quick list of learnings or heads ups.  If you’re thinking about doing a show- I say freaking do it. You’ll learn so much about yourself in the process!

  1. BUDGET- this is perhaps the most expensive hobby I’ve ever picked up.  Pre-show you have: posing session fees, nutrition coach fees, gym memberships, grocery bills, suit costs, shoe cost, jewelry costs. Show day you have hair, makeup, tan, food costs. This sport definitely surprised me with expenses- but a little budgeting can go a long way.
  2. Take posing seriously- I thought if I just focused on getting super fit that walking in heels would be a breeze.  Wrong. Like way wrong.  PRACTICE POSING for real. I just hired a posing coach and am excited to see the progress made by my next show.
  3. Time it out- if you’ve never done a show there are low chances that an 8 week prep is enough time.  Find a coach and get a realistic opinion on your time to readiness for a show.  I’m going to do a 14 week prep for my next show personally.
  4. No modesty- yo. those pro tan girls don’t mess around and get every nook and cranny of your fanny while you’re standing butt a** naked in a room with the girls you’re competing against. Be ready to be sprayed and buffed in places that you didn’t even know you  needed to be sprayed and buffed in.
  5. Show day- take some aleve in the morning. chances are you’ll be a little dehydrated and lowwwww on caffeine so you’ll need a little buffer to keep you all systems go.
  6. body builders will eat delicious smelling hash browns unapologetically in front of you on show day.  It was like one of those out of body experiences where I actually envisioned strangling one for eating right in front of me…but I didn’t. Self control ya know?
  7. pace that cheat meal- you’re going to want to dive in.  My coach stepped in and had me eat a salad along with my cheat meal and I am so glad he did because even with a vegetable thrown in there I was in rough shape the next day.
  8. Peak week- take off from work if possible.  You’ll have prep brain and be a little foggy- mainly this looks out for those you’re working with.
  9. follow your freaking meal plan.  Counting macros takes time. Weighing and measuring your food is not always convenient.  Do it anyway. You don’t want to work your butt off in the gym just to ruin all of your hard work in the kitchen.  That’s just silly.
  10. Check your ego.  One of the hardest pieces of this for me was that I left the stage and judges literally knew nothing about me out side of how I look in a bikini.  A really tiny bikini at that.  They don’t know I have a degree, that I love my job, that dog memes literally light up my day- none of that.  And on top of that- they may not like your body.  You may have too much or too little muscle…..IN THEIR OPINION.  You may walk out with a stack of trophies or none at all based simply on what body type the judges at that show are looking for.  So….be ready to be ok with that.

The biggest thing is to remember where you’ve been and stay focused on where you’re going.  I’m not going to fill your head with the idea that this is an easy process- it’s not.  But the way you transform inside and outside are more than worth the sacrifices and hard work you’re putting it.  Celebrate you.



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  1. Lee McBlues

    yayyy! Little advise-

    Don’t lose your gains.
    Suns out guns out
    Every meal is a cheat meal if you aren’t careful
    Pull-up like a picture is being taken preworkout like it’s postworkout

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